Interesting article about promising treatment path for Celiac Disease.  The Federations entire mission if not the bulk of the exploration could come to a delicious halt ! Halt? HALT the autoimmune assault please. Let us eat that pizza and those cookies and this pumpkin pie in peace.

I wonder how far along they have researched this? Perhaps you know?

I am starting to seriously experiment with Enzymatic support to my Federation rations. I’ll let ya’ll know what I find…


What is this?

Chopped Honey Crisp apples
Shredded coconut
Vannilla Greek* yogurt
Local bee pollen
Manchester terrier ear

* If you have never had Greek style yogurt put it on top of your list of things
to try – so incredibly thick and rich and delicious for yee and all yee Federation cohorts.

Planet of Salts

Salt Salt Salt

How many different types of salt can you identify? As I get older and wiser I just love salt more and more. Hey it’s gluten free. Sodium chloride with various trace minerals. And you certainly don’t need to be a super taster to taste the difference betwixt each of these salts… The other night I heated up a GF pizza and put a different salt on each slice; it was quite revealing, sublime and salty.

Henceforward it will be recommended that each federationship vessel stow at least five different salts. Five should cover all the bases: on first would be your generic table salt; second would be a nice coarse sea salt; third would be a surprisingly adaptable hawiian salt; and at the plate we shall plant a kelpy mediteranian rub. Salt it’s totaly real…. Five, do i hear five? Five … the fifth will have to be the fascinating pinkish finery from the Himalayan mountain regions of Nepal. Naturally.

Does anyone make a Salt Flask? I’m thinking the federation standard issue survival gear should include some sort of Swiss army knife-like salt rack.

Name three of the six salts in this shaker and I will send you a federation magnet and some pepper. Salt – the other white crystal.

GFCF *TopPriority*

Icecream Cookie Sandwiches that taste and keep their texture better than any GB (gluten besotted) icecream sang•whitch ….

Unrelentingly fascinating packaging which after you have finished transfering the contents of said package to your stomach and perhaps a lucky comrad (or even a Normal, as these are dramatically tastey treats than everyone will enjoy) you can use to transport messages to your banks’ pneumatic tube messaging system for withdrawal of the five or six dollars per 4 ‘wich container of said truly delicious frozen confections.

You could also find your stovepipe hat and/or lace up your corset and pop down to the tube and go straight away to Whole Foods to find a fulsome crate of these wonderments.

The Last Time We Spoke

Hee-haw !

We’re back from outerspace, what’s that I see, that look upon your face?

You what? You thought we had given up? Had abandened this mortal coil whoist not so kind to the ubiqitous gluten protein !!!

Ahh, yes that is true… The last time we spoke it was of death and holidays. My poor dears, we did not intend to alarm nor induce fear….

Oh yes… Of course we will redouble our effort to dispatch more frequent posts.

Yes Sir. Sorry Sir…. I mean Ma’am. I mean Supreme Feeder. We will report. We will report….

Ahh, no Ma’am. We do not necessarily need a Federal holiday to find the time to post (but it sure does HELP). Oh the things we’ve seen….and eatin’.

Traveling to the Great Gluten Free Spaceship in the Sky.


Well, it has been a spell since I posted. Been on a GF coma cruise. Have you heard about the above campaign? They want us to talk about this important stuff at Thanksgiving: “Hey pass the Gluten Free stuffing and have you considered where you want to die?”

I love the idea. What better time could there be to talk about stuff that most people don’t want to talk about than on a day that is absolutely a powderkeg of potential familial smolderings with cranberry on top, is it Gluten Free?

For the Gluten Free Riders this campaign would make more sense around Halloween. Dont’ ya think? Like, good old Samhain is all about talkin’ with the departed and such whilst powered by a sugar high. Muuuch better death-talkin’ climate, I’m just sayin’….but don’t let me stop you from tryin’ to broach this subject whilst you are re-explaining why you won’t be eating the pumpkin pie nor the haggis.

Here is a place where you can get your bits in order before you slip into that tryptophan stupor.

Jimmy My Ice Cream

That’s what they call sprinkles or chocolatey topping bits around the Boston area and other parts of New England: Jimmies.

You can’t count on all Jimmies being GF, I have come across ones that use wheat as an ingredient.

Though I have heard more than a few people say the Jimmies are made of wax, I have never seen one that actually contained wax…

These ones are made in Germany. I paid something crazy like $2.10 at a local supermarket’s “health” aisle for an ounce. Thats about enough for a couple of dishes of ice cream, where I come from…

Their consistency is a bit “crunchier” than your average jimmy, found at your average ice cream parlor. They have more of a cocoa taste than other jimmies. And as far as size goes these jimmies are quite thin but a few millimeters up from a dimension that I would regard as hairy (and yes I have had hairy jimmies (they don’t tickle a bit) and they are quite appealing as they melt as opposed to crunch or squish as do some of the too big jimmies).

I want Ice Cream, now.