Amy’s Baked Ziti Bowls

PhotoIf something looks, smells, and tastes delicious, it is delicious. These bowls are a super fast way to get some carbs stickin’ to your ribs. Pop one of these frozen beauties into the microwave, cook for 5 minutes, and your whole kitchen will be smellin’ like you’ve got yourself an in-house chef.

MAKER: Amy’s

TASTE: Great tasting. Good tomato tang. Garlicky. Surprisingly, peas in a tomato sauce is beguilingly flavorful. I especially enjoy it when one of the peas lodges itself in the end of a ziti pasta.

TEXTURE: Pasta holds up well. It’s firm but not al dente. Fun combination of pasta tubes, saucey sauce, and round peas.

SIZE: Far too small for a meal, even though it’s 9.5 ounces. Would take three to make a solid meal (and at today’s price, $12).

SWEETS & FATS: Reasonably sweet. Fat level is okay, although if you ate three boxes of the stuff that’d be a different story.

PRICE: Pricey.

NOTES: Wonderful odor! Very organic! (But not 100% organic.)


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  1. […] Peas on a Pizza? Posted on June 22, 2008 by cohort Have you ever? Sweet peas, green orbs of fiber actually go fantastic on pizza! This only occurred to me after having ziti with peas.  […]

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