The Good, The Bad and The Celiac

Celiac disease is a disease. It’s not a choice. It’s not just a foodie fad. Celiac disease is diagnosable (though tricky), observable, treatable condition. The Gluten-Free Cookie Federation (also known as “The GluFeeOokTion”) has observed over the years that there is:

The bad news – there is no cure.

The good news- that it is treatable.

The bad news – there are no magic pills to treat it.

The good news – expensive medication is not the way to treat it.

The bad news – you have to radically alter your diet to treat it.

The good news – you will eat healthier by altering your diet and treating it (assuming you don’t subsist on GF cookies, aaahema.)

The bad news – many folks will choose to not understand your disease.

The good news – many folks will be interested, understanding and know someone else who has the disease.

The bad news – it can be tiresome staying Gluten Free.

The good news – staying Gluten Free means you have more energy.

The bad news – celiac disease exists.

The good news – celiac disease is known…


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