Open Wide, Open Sesame and that Secret Taste Sensation

Years ago I found that one of the tastes and mouth feels I was missing on the GF path concerned a certain seed and that Umami sensation.

That umami/savory taste that one frequently encounters in the gluten world is not so much in the GF world; the sesame seed and seaweed have a clear synergy for me bringing back that missing roundness. Related to the savory sensation more commonly achieved with fish flakes, fish sauce etc. the sesame triggers so many gluten loving memories that I am imagining that those on the GF path are looking for a taste sensation/combination that this trio provide. Oh, yah, it turns out salt helps activate the seaweed….Anyway, I sprinkle some of this stuff on salads, sandwiches, pizza, whatever – ice cream too! It really rounds things out and it seems that Eden is expanding their offering in this arena which is good news indeedily.


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