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Licorice and the Human Race

Last evening, we went to see what a lot o’ folk are raving about playing at the cineplex. We got there real early, plopped down in the plum center seats, started in on the unusual for us, large bag of popcorn and, now this the GF part of the show, opened the “licorice” and watched and listened to WALL-E….

I use to really love Twizzlers “licorice” as a kid especially at the movies. A chew that last a long time and could take you through the better part of Star Wars….One of the more surprising things to notice years ago was that one of the main ingredients in Twizzlers, and many other common “licorice” is wheat! I never associated the grain with the candy, but I suppose that gluten in the wheat helps with the wonderful texture of the chew.

The GF licorice with seemingly real licorice that I have encountered and which is quite good is from a company called Candy Tree out of the Netherlands, (the Dutch eat as much licorice as New Englander’s eat ice cream…). The vines are not as thick and bite-into-able as Twizzlers but they are nice and chewy and organic.

I recently noticed this licorice presence – Licorice International – that has many great looking GF licorices. Wow, I will have to try some of these beauties…. Huh, gnomes on licorice teeter totters?

Oh yes, Wall-E was very interesting, especially the minimal dialogue and sound design. Unfortunately, what made it unusually good translated into not really holding the attention nor masking the volume and obnoxiousness of the nine patrons seated directly behind us. We had to leave the movie before the end! First time we ever walked out of a flick because of the gang of non-stop-talk-kick-text-snicker-hit-smack-gross-over caffeinated-twitchy-what-hello-shut up-ugg-ssshh-audio polluting humans who had more dialogue than the film! Really…. But, Wall-E was good enough to go back and check out the rest of it, to see what happens to our human race, but this time we’re going to the drive-in, with my popcorn pillows and my licorice dog in my licorice car with our private licorice FM sound system piping in the sweet Wall-E earcandy…

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