HolyCud: Gluten-Free Speculation Trickledown, or Rocket Up

Have you noticed the sharp increase in the price of GF foods recently?

I can’t but help notice that some of the staple GF products Federation members buy (pizza, donuts, cookies (in reverse order)) have shot up anywhere from 5% to 30% ! I mean, in particular Amy’s pizza which I absolutely love and find very adjustable (you can add lots of different toppings and have it heat up nice…), has gone up anywhere from $2-3 bucks a pie in the northeast of the states! I use to regularly find their cheese pie fro $6-$7 bucks, now I can’t get one for less than $8 and recently paid $9. I’ve seen it priced at more than $10, though I have not paid a Hamilton for a plain pizza pie, yet…

Geez at these prices I’m gonna have to move up the Gluten-Free kitchen renovation and start reading those GF recipe blogs more closely and start serious cookin’ and bakin’, oh my.

I mean, I’m not using these pies to drive, actually…. maybe…., edible gluten-free propulsion systems?!? No, the price of speculative unregulated commodity trading on Gluten-Free Containers is clearly hitting our wallet like Gluten-Free Vampire on tofu.

Perhaps frozen food is seeing a sharp increase compared to non-frozen? What’s been your experience? Have you noticed any sharp increases in particular product prices?


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