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The Cookie Federation Dinner in the Sky

[attach crane here]

I’m not much for dinner theater but this would certainly be a interestting way to hold the First Annual Gluten Free Cookie Federation Assembly. As the convention grows we could just add more tables in the sky…. If you’re interested in reserving a seat at the table drop a comment !

Dinner in the Sky is a real thing. We can do this, we just need to get enough Gluten Free folk to make it fly. Since we have not designated a location for the convention we could make certain that a table would be available. Hey, we could have multiple tables in/above different countries…Atmospheric gluten contamination could be a different sort of concern up here, though. And, would you please not use your cell phone at the table! We have important, no vital, GF cookies to discuss. And watch your crumbs, they can really do some damage down beloooooooooooooo…

One Response

  1. Sign me up! On second thought, it’s probably $2,500 a seat. Can I go $150 high?

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