Celiac Disease and MRSA?

Hey, I was wondering about the possible interactions between MRSA and those with CD. MRSA, which is an increasingly difficult to treat type of staph infection (bacterial infection) is said to be potentially more difficult or virulent with those who have autoimmune diseases, which CD happens to be categorized. 

So do you have any info about this? I am wondering as I will be caring for someone recently diagnosed w/ MRSA…


2 Responses

  1. That’s that super-virulient infection people catch in hospital? I haven’t heard but am curious to find out.

  2. well, it is tough to treat but it’s kinda looked at as a nuisance infection – if you can call painful boils a nuisance – but it can be more of a problem in those with compromised immune systems so I was just wondering if anyone know anything or has had experience with MRSA…

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