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US Chain Restaurants w/ Gluten-Free Menus

Outback Steakhouse


So far, these are the only two restaurant chains that I have noticed have “menus”. You generally have to ask for them and in the case of both of these two they are actually their same menu but with explanations of ingredients and instructions on how to order the Chicken Salad, for example, “order it with no croutons and tell the server to tell the kitchen to prepare the salad in a separate bowl from the other salads.” 

It’s kind of a drag and not all that…. insuring to have to tell the kitchen how to make the menu item but hey its worked for me a few times…  And you?

7 Responses

  1. A few other chains with menus (still have to ask for them): P.F. Changs, Carrabas, Bonefish Grill. I’ve eaten at the first two — with good success. At least the ones I’ve been to have understood the whole “deal.”

  2. Interesting, I have not heard of Carrabas, I went to P.F. years ago and Bonefish is new too. Not sure if any of these three are outside of Massachusetts, though.

    Oh, yah, actually my favorite Gluten-Free restaurant is Legal Seafood. They really have the GF thing down. Someone in the business must be a celiac as they seem more motivated than others to provide a truly separate menu….Legal is mostly in MA but they have a few locations outside of the state…

  3. Where do you live? I actually live in TN – and all those restaurants are down here. There is another chinese restaurant called Pei Wei that is located throughout the US in major cities, that has a gluten free menu. A little cheaper than PF Changs.

    Chilis has a menu online of suggested items for all kinds of allergies. I’ve found that they are getting better about having copies in their restaurants.

    FYI, Carrabas and Bonefish are actually owned by the same parent company that owns Outback.

  4. Interesting….I am in the Boston Area. I think I will paste together a page that lists the restaurants…thanks.

  5. One more thing since you are in boston –
    fellow blogger “The Good Eatah” recently posted about a restaurant in Essex called Woodman’s that has gluten free fried clams (and gf chicken strips)! You can read her post at:

    I’ll stop bugging you now! lol!

  6. Just wanted to add a few more to your list 🙂
    Chili’s (has GF menu online too)
    Maggiano’s Little Italy
    Chipotle (no menu, but everything except the flour tortillas are gluten-free)
    There are a lot more, but those are nationwide…

  7. I live in norhthern NJ on the border of Warwick Ny does anyone know of any resturaunts around here that have gluten free foods. I found Millers bakery in Butler and am going to try that. I am looking for somewhere to go and have a dinner.

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