SillyCeliactics_2: Pasta Is Made of Pasta

“You can have pasta right? It doesn’t have any meat,” accompanied by a genuinely hopeful look of confusion.

“No, I’m sorry I can’t eat most pasta, it is pretty much made up entirely of wheat which has all the gluten you could hope to put into a grain,” accompanied by a sorrowful look of….sorrow.

“Oh. It has wheat? Pasta? I thought pasta was made of pasta?” very confused look now.

“I know, I thought pasta was made of pasta too before I realized the celiac disease thing….but it isn’t, pasta is definitely made from wheat which contains gluten,” I explain most clearly.

“Yah, but the ingredients say that it is made just with durum which is what all pasta is made of, the best pasta anyway,” she explains convincingly.

“Oh, yah. It is kinda confusing but durum is actually a type of wheat. Now, you’re right it is a very nice type of wheat, but it’s wheat,” I quietly whisper as I look around to see if anyone else is following this top secret conversation.


All “SillyCeliactics” are recordings of actual conversations entertained by Federation Members. The names and locations have been changed or altered to protect the innocents…


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