Whole Foods Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

OK these cookies are the most dangerously delicious cookies I have encountered.

There is of course a reason they taste this good: Fat. Deliciously bad for the system. Now of course a bit o’ fat is needed, but the problem with these cookies is that I can easily gobble up three or four before I even know it and then I’m done for the day in terms of the recommended daily allowance, but I want more cookies. They are right here. I should finish off the container….Actually the cookies are pretty filling if you can manage to slow down and eat them nicely. If you eat too fast you bypass the second brains ability to count exactly what your eating….OK, I guess I should use our formal reviewing template:

MAKER: Whole Foods Gluten Free Bakehouse. I’m not certain how many of the bakehouses Whole Foods has but they have at least one on the east coast in the Carolinas.

TASTE: Gorgeous tasting. Very buttery and chocolaty. Sweet but in a chocolate sort of way as opposed to a sugary sort of way.

TEXTURE: OK, here is where these cookies really appeal to me. I prefer soft chewy cookies on the inside with a slight crunch on the outside. It is tough to find a cookie that does this sort of trick, out of a box, as it were. I think the butter content and cookie technique has a lot to do with this….

SIZE: The cookies are really very nicely sized. I would say they are about 2.5-3 inches round and well over a half inch high. They have some real meat to bit into. Not too cake-like which is a common failing of thick cookies. These cookies have some heft too. If you are going to carry these around in your pockets people will know…

SWEETS & FATS: Nice chocolate sweetness

PRICE: Pricey. I think the last batch of eight cookies were just under 6 bucks.

NOTES: These cookies are apparently shipped frozen and I always find them in a freezer. I have never encountered these cookies not frozen. They heat up in the mic. real nice and easy. Often these cookies are with nuts. Not certain if they make a non-nutter.

Sorry about the blur. I was probably eating a cookie while snapping this picture.


2 Responses

  1. We need a Whole Foods in Calgary!
    They are the best.

    Cool post


  2. Thanks Peter,

    I do enjoy the whole foods. Like their cookies they are a bit of a hazard as I spend too much when I am drawn into their fantasy food land…

    Calgary eah? You should be able to get all the wonderful Kinnikinnick stuff for a decent price…

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