HolyCud: Thinking Out Loud About Free Food

So I have received my first inquiry to receive some food from a GF maker.

The understanding is that I will review the stuff. 

And I am wonderin’, actually I have been wonderin’ this for a while, if I want to open that door, go down that road, take that trip, eat that chowder….

Free Food! What are you crazy? Take it and eat it, now. Free Food. Don’t review it if you don’t really like it…

These are some of the comments in my head and about my head in regards to the practice of taking free food then reviewing it on this blog.

In the past I did some time in an industry that was heavily oiled by similar giveaways: radio. Back in the day records would be “given” to stations and if we liked the taste of it we played it. Depending upon the station and formatting some, most or all the material played would be freely given to the stations by records companies or artists…

I guess the bottom line is that if you are going to get stuff for free it is going to cost one way or another…

What do you think? Have any GF related experience with this issue?


One Response

  1. If the review be honest, why not? Accepting a product from a business saves the reviewer time (in that they don’t need to go find the product) and money (in that they don’t need to buy it). It means you’re part of the market goings on.

    Course, the value of the item and the honesty of the review might bump up against each other. I mean, if someone gave me a brand new organic, free-range, hybrid sports car and asked me to review it… well, the ole review might be splashed with “Gosh!” and “Golly!”. But, then again, maybe not. I’m willing to find out. Honda, listen up!

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