Planet of Salts

Salt Salt Salt

How many different types of salt can you identify? As I get older and wiser I just love salt more and more. Hey it’s gluten free. Sodium chloride with various trace minerals. And you certainly don’t need to be a super taster to taste the difference betwixt each of these salts… The other night I heated up a GF pizza and put a different salt on each slice; it was quite revealing, sublime and salty.

Henceforward it will be recommended that each federationship vessel stow at least five different salts. Five should cover all the bases: on first would be your generic table salt; second would be a nice coarse sea salt; third would be a surprisingly adaptable hawiian salt; and at the plate we shall plant a kelpy mediteranian rub. Salt it’s totaly real…. Five, do i hear five? Five … the fifth will have to be the fascinating pinkish finery from the Himalayan mountain regions of Nepal. Naturally.

Does anyone make a Salt Flask? I’m thinking the federation standard issue survival gear should include some sort of Swiss army knife-like salt rack.

Name three of the six salts in this shaker and I will send you a federation magnet and some pepper. Salt – the other white crystal.


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