Charter Of The Gluten-Free Cookie Federation

The following is published for GF Cookie Federation review:

  1. Whereas, a long time ago, this band of gluten-free wannabes found cookies, gluten-free cookies;
  2. Whereas, this growing mob realized there were more than just cookies, gluten-free cookies;
  3. Whereas, in this 21st-century embarkation we will stick together as we chatter, chew, and stick like glue to our health.

Make no mistake, celiac disease is serious medical business. It is not a lifestyle choice.

As a freewill member of the Gluten-Free Cookie Federation, we pledge to avoid, to the best of each of our abilities, the siren call of that ubiquitous molecule which reeks havoc within our vessels.


One Response

  1. I do hereby avow and affirm that I shall promise to never knowingly consume that most-monstrous molecule again, so long as I live.

    Now hand over the gluten-free cookies!

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