The Last Time We Spoke

Hee-haw !

We’re back from outerspace, what’s that I see, that look upon your face?

You what? You thought we had given up? Had abandened this mortal coil whoist not so kind to the ubiqitous gluten protein !!!

Ahh, yes that is true… The last time we spoke it was of death and holidays. My poor dears, we did not intend to alarm nor induce fear….

Oh yes… Of course we will redouble our effort to dispatch more frequent posts.

Yes Sir. Sorry Sir…. I mean Ma’am. I mean Supreme Feeder. We will report. We will report….

Ahh, no Ma’am. We do not necessarily need a Federal holiday to find the time to post (but it sure does HELP). Oh the things we’ve seen….and eatin’.


Traveling to the Great Gluten Free Spaceship in the Sky.


Well, it has been a spell since I posted. Been on a GF coma cruise. Have you heard about the above campaign? They want us to talk about this important stuff at Thanksgiving: “Hey pass the Gluten Free stuffing and have you considered where you want to die?”

I love the idea. What better time could there be to talk about stuff that most people don’t want to talk about than on a day that is absolutely a powderkeg of potential familial smolderings with cranberry on top, is it Gluten Free?

For the Gluten Free Riders this campaign would make more sense around Halloween. Dont’ ya think? Like, good old Samhain is all about talkin’ with the departed and such whilst powered by a sugar high. Muuuch better death-talkin’ climate, I’m just sayin’….but don’t let me stop you from tryin’ to broach this subject whilst you are re-explaining why you won’t be eating the pumpkin pie nor the haggis.

Here is a place where you can get your bits in order before you slip into that tryptophan stupor.

GF CookieFed Official Membership Seal is Magnetic !

Show the universe your allegiance and commitment to the 

GlutenFree Journey.

Relieve all aliens of your seriousness and knowledge.

Alert all friends of your traveling ways.

Attached it to body parts for unlikely magnetic tracking.

Arrange a bed of them and sleep in polarized, memory non-foam splendor.

Order a pile today and bequest them to strangers.

It’s not just a magnet, It’s a way of life.

Get GF CookieFed.  


Don’t fear becoming a member does not subject you to indefeasible allegiance to the federation,

though should you fall too far out of orbit we’ll kindly ask you to remove your CookieFed tattoos.

What Do You Mean By GlutenFree?

  • No Wheat!
  • Made in a GlutenFree Facility.
  • Made in a GlutenFree Facility that also processes nuts.
  • Made in a GlutenFree Facility that also processes grains.
  • Gluten Free.
  • No Wheat. Not Gluten Free.


So, you’ve noticed all the variants on all the packages….What does the CookieFed consider GF? Basically if they make a stab at it and label it GF and it doesn’t make us sick we’ll consider it GF. I can’t say that I have come across any GF labeled stuff that made me sick, but I have eaten a number of things that did not have any ingredients containing gluten that did make me sick (various cerials, frozen dishes, ice creams etc.).

But my favorite confusing label is the last one listed above. Why bother saying no wheat if you have the gluten? Are there really many people avoiding just wheat aside from Folk w/ celiac who are avoiding Gluten which years ago people commonly explained to be in Wheat, which everyone kinda recognizes as a pervasive ingredient. I’m just sayin’…

New Page with Running List of GF Restaurants

I pasted together a page – see the tab on the homepage – located on the CookieFed blog where I will list GF resaurant’s…

The Cookie Federation Dinner in the Sky

[attach crane here]

I’m not much for dinner theater but this would certainly be a interestting way to hold the First Annual Gluten Free Cookie Federation Assembly. As the convention grows we could just add more tables in the sky…. If you’re interested in reserving a seat at the table drop a comment !

Dinner in the Sky is a real thing. We can do this, we just need to get enough Gluten Free folk to make it fly. Since we have not designated a location for the convention we could make certain that a table would be available. Hey, we could have multiple tables in/above different countries…Atmospheric gluten contamination could be a different sort of concern up here, though. And, would you please not use your cell phone at the table! We have important, no vital, GF cookies to discuss. And watch your crumbs, they can really do some damage down beloooooooooooooo…

Gluten Free Cookie Federation Plays With Food….

And Develops, Largely Edible, Prototype Gluten Free Cookie Federation Flag or Coat of Arms or desservir or…