GlutenFree Pizza at a Pizza Parlor: Nirvana, of a Sort, Confirmed.

Ok, it has been well over a week since I had the still somewhat unbelievable experience of going, looking at a menu, and ordering a complete GF pizza pie meal at Flatbread. Dessert too! And, what with the passage of time and the thorough “survey” of three different pies (I had them partially cook the take homes, reheated @ 350 and they were like there, man, wood-taste intact) I can confirm that their GlutenFree process of cooking up pies in a wood-fired oven seems to work. Oh yah, it tastes great and they use mucho local/organic/fresh stuff.

Their goat cheese salad was truly remarkable for it’s tasty incredibly fresh tang. I really hoovered it as you can see:

Their GF crusts are made by a third -party; the below image has the info on their source for the crusts:

And as strange, or is that gross, as it may seem the most amazing thing about the whole experience was seeing in the fridge, later in the week, a take-home pizza and even leftovers in a wonderfully “greasy” cardboard box

(the last time I had a leftover pizza box they only came in a waxy white flimsy model. Their boxes are fit for resale after use or building another Flatbread restaurant or something. OK, I’m stopping here. Gotta plan when to drive that hour to the closest Flatbread… Hey, comment will ya?

Oh, they also had two GF beers! I had the Redbridge as I was not in the mood for Bard’s Tale (ssh! I’m drinkin’ one now), nice as it be…

The dessert. Don’t forget the dessert, for goodness sakes. It was a GF Whoopie Pie with GF Vanilla ice cream. Try getting the pie warmed, I think it would taste best thusly served especially with the ice cream…

Hmmm. So what was the pie like? Very dry, smoky, somewhat crisp, substantial tasty crust, light sauce, various toppings were all quite nice and fresh. I had topping such as:homemade sausage, mushroom, onions, carmalized onions, various cheeses, olives and other stuff…. I’m hungry again.



Well, actually drinking: Woodchuck Draft Cider: Pear, over ice.

So very refreshing, light. 4% alc/vol.

12oz =150 calories but it sure does not taste that heavy…. Oh and how much woodchuck can a celiac chuck? Actually ciders tend to be sweet which kinda inhibits overindulgence, but the pear tastes the driest of the ciders that I have sampled over the years.

Cookies and Beer

Ok, how about pretzels and beer? Gluten free of course. Well, I have tried many of the GF beers! Weird to say “many” in this context. It is actually only a few but it seems like many choices, actually it is many choices, compared to ten years ago when I could not find any gluten free beer and I had not discovered any pretzels…

So, my favorite beer by virtue of availability in the Northeast of the US and price, but mostly taste, would have to be Redbridge beer.

The down side with all of the gluten free beers that I have sampled is not the taste, because there are more than a couple of lovely ones, it is the calorie/filling reality. Redbridge for example, tastes and feels the lightest of the ones I have drunk but it still turns out to be a 160 calorie per bottle according to the Budweiser customer support line.

Back when I drank “normal” beer, I never liked any Bud product. I tended toward the Guinness and Harp but those beers did not fill me up like the sorghum based beers.

Now, there is an amazing tasting and amazingly expensive beer from Europe that is probably the most drinkable GF beer. The company is called Green’s. They seem to have quite a few different brews; of the few I have tasted I was very impressed with their “dubble” dark endeavor but around the northeast one bottle runs over $5 !