CookieFed Mouses

We really like tooling around on this Federation Item. We got one in the mail yesterday and it looks as good as this picture. Hop on over to our new store and check out the Bling


GF CookieFed Official Membership Seal is Magnetic !

Show the universe your allegiance and commitment to the 

GlutenFree Journey.

Relieve all aliens of your seriousness and knowledge.

Alert all friends of your traveling ways.

Attached it to body parts for unlikely magnetic tracking.

Arrange a bed of them and sleep in polarized, memory non-foam splendor.

Order a pile today and bequest them to strangers.

It’s not just a magnet, It’s a way of life.

Get GF CookieFed.  


Don’t fear becoming a member does not subject you to indefeasible allegiance to the federation,

though should you fall too far out of orbit we’ll kindly ask you to remove your CookieFed tattoos.