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HolyCud: Food Exploration and Childhood Imprinting…

Here is a great article  not just for parents and not just about mistakes, as the title and tilt may lead you to believe…. It has really great advice and grounded ways of navigating the GF eating world too.

Think of your GF trip as though you are the kids they talk about in the article and then maybe you can rejigger your GF path into something more diverse….Anyway that is what I try and do…. The GF Food constellation is for exploring…


HolyCud: Thinking Out Loud About Free Food

So I have received my first inquiry to receive some food from a GF maker.

The understanding is that I will review the stuff. 

And I am wonderin’, actually I have been wonderin’ this for a while, if I want to open that door, go down that road, take that trip, eat that chowder….

Free Food! What are you crazy? Take it and eat it, now. Free Food. Don’t review it if you don’t really like it…

These are some of the comments in my head and about my head in regards to the practice of taking free food then reviewing it on this blog.

In the past I did some time in an industry that was heavily oiled by similar giveaways: radio. Back in the day records would be “given” to stations and if we liked the taste of it we played it. Depending upon the station and formatting some, most or all the material played would be freely given to the stations by records companies or artists…

I guess the bottom line is that if you are going to get stuff for free it is going to cost one way or another…

What do you think? Have any GF related experience with this issue?

HolyCud: Gluten-Free Speculation Trickledown, or Rocket Up

Have you noticed the sharp increase in the price of GF foods recently?

I can’t but help notice that some of the staple GF products Federation members buy (pizza, donuts, cookies (in reverse order)) have shot up anywhere from 5% to 30% ! I mean, in particular Amy’s pizza which I absolutely love and find very adjustable (you can add lots of different toppings and have it heat up nice…), has gone up anywhere from $2-3 bucks a pie in the northeast of the states! I use to regularly find their cheese pie fro $6-$7 bucks, now I can’t get one for less than $8 and recently paid $9. I’ve seen it priced at more than $10, though I have not paid a Hamilton for a plain pizza pie, yet…

Geez at these prices I’m gonna have to move up the Gluten-Free kitchen renovation and start reading those GF recipe blogs more closely and start serious cookin’ and bakin’, oh my.

I mean, I’m not using these pies to drive, actually…. maybe…., edible gluten-free propulsion systems?!? No, the price of speculative unregulated commodity trading on Gluten-Free Containers is clearly hitting our wallet like Gluten-Free Vampire on tofu.

Perhaps frozen food is seeing a sharp increase compared to non-frozen? What’s been your experience? Have you noticed any sharp increases in particular product prices?