SillyCeliactics_5: GlutenFreeFriendsTasteGood

“Oh! I didn’t know we have gluten free pizza here,” the teenager says as she rings up the George’s pizza.

“Yup,” he says watching the six dollar 8″ pie ring up on the register screen.

“I have a few friends who are Gluten Free….I mean they try and….Celiac’s. They are Celiacs….I don’t know why I just called them Gluten Free. Gluten Free. Celiac,” she says as she processes the card.

“They try and be Gluten Free,” he says in agreement and understanding whilst thinking maybe she would like to eat her delicious Gluten Free friends.

“Yah, that’s right….they are Celiac…tic. Celiac Disease.”


GlutenFree Pizza at a Pizza Parlor: Nirvana, of a Sort, Confirmed.

Ok, it has been well over a week since I had the still somewhat unbelievable experience of going, looking at a menu, and ordering a complete GF pizza pie meal at Flatbread. Dessert too! And, what with the passage of time and the thorough “survey” of three different pies (I had them partially cook the take homes, reheated @ 350 and they were like there, man, wood-taste intact) I can confirm that their GlutenFree process of cooking up pies in a wood-fired oven seems to work. Oh yah, it tastes great and they use mucho local/organic/fresh stuff.

Their goat cheese salad was truly remarkable for it’s tasty incredibly fresh tang. I really hoovered it as you can see:

Their GF crusts are made by a third -party; the below image has the info on their source for the crusts:

And as strange, or is that gross, as it may seem the most amazing thing about the whole experience was seeing in the fridge, later in the week, a take-home pizza and even leftovers in a wonderfully “greasy” cardboard box

(the last time I had a leftover pizza box they only came in a waxy white flimsy model. Their boxes are fit for resale after use or building another Flatbread restaurant or something. OK, I’m stopping here. Gotta plan when to drive that hour to the closest Flatbread… Hey, comment will ya?

Oh, they also had two GF beers! I had the Redbridge as I was not in the mood for Bard’s Tale (ssh! I’m drinkin’ one now), nice as it be…

The dessert. Don’t forget the dessert, for goodness sakes. It was a GF Whoopie Pie with GF Vanilla ice cream. Try getting the pie warmed, I think it would taste best thusly served especially with the ice cream…

Hmmm. So what was the pie like? Very dry, smoky, somewhat crisp, substantial tasty crust, light sauce, various toppings were all quite nice and fresh. I had topping such as:homemade sausage, mushroom, onions, carmalized onions, various cheeses, olives and other stuff…. I’m hungry again.

I’m Going to Order Gluten Free Pizza in a Pizza Parlor!

Yes. I am off to Flatbread to check out the pizza pie they can make Gluten Free! The menu on their site does not mention the gluten free option, but upon calling their Bedford, MA restaurant, they said they can make it…

I read about this establishment here. 

I will report back.

I am beyond anticipation….

HolyCud: Gluten-Free Speculation Trickledown, or Rocket Up

Have you noticed the sharp increase in the price of GF foods recently?

I can’t but help notice that some of the staple GF products Federation members buy (pizza, donuts, cookies (in reverse order)) have shot up anywhere from 5% to 30% ! I mean, in particular Amy’s pizza which I absolutely love and find very adjustable (you can add lots of different toppings and have it heat up nice…), has gone up anywhere from $2-3 bucks a pie in the northeast of the states! I use to regularly find their cheese pie fro $6-$7 bucks, now I can’t get one for less than $8 and recently paid $9. I’ve seen it priced at more than $10, though I have not paid a Hamilton for a plain pizza pie, yet…

Geez at these prices I’m gonna have to move up the Gluten-Free kitchen renovation and start reading those GF recipe blogs more closely and start serious cookin’ and bakin’, oh my.

I mean, I’m not using these pies to drive, actually…. maybe…., edible gluten-free propulsion systems?!? No, the price of speculative unregulated commodity trading on Gluten-Free Containers is clearly hitting our wallet like Gluten-Free Vampire on tofu.

Perhaps frozen food is seeing a sharp increase compared to non-frozen? What’s been your experience? Have you noticed any sharp increases in particular product prices?

Open Wide, Open Sesame and that Secret Taste Sensation

Years ago I found that one of the tastes and mouth feels I was missing on the GF path concerned a certain seed and that Umami sensation.

That umami/savory taste that one frequently encounters in the gluten world is not so much in the GF world; the sesame seed and seaweed have a clear synergy for me bringing back that missing roundness. Related to the savory sensation more commonly achieved with fish flakes, fish sauce etc. the sesame triggers so many gluten loving memories that I am imagining that those on the GF path are looking for a taste sensation/combination that this trio provide. Oh, yah, it turns out salt helps activate the seaweed….Anyway, I sprinkle some of this stuff on salads, sandwiches, pizza, whatever – ice cream too! It really rounds things out and it seems that Eden is expanding their offering in this arena which is good news indeedily.

Peas on a Pizza?

Have you ever? Sweet peas, green orbs of fiber actually go fantastic on pizza! This only occurred to me after having ziti with peas.

You may want to cook the peas before putting on the mostly cooked pizza.

They sink in to the melted cheese and become one with the pizza real-nice-like if you can cook the pie a few minutes more, after “depositing” the peas…

Patricia’s Gluten Free & Wheat Free Pizza

There was considerable discussion concerning the proper name for the Gluten-Free Cookie Federation. We almost had a Gluten-Free Pizza Federation, and even a Gluten-Free Donut Federation, but the universal appeal of cookies won out.

So, we now turn to one of the runners up: pizza. And our first entry is perhaps the most “real” gluten-free frozen pizza encountered to-date. What makes Patricia’s 10″ so real is that it has the doughy, greasy appeal of your better thin wheat crust Italian pizza. This is a big deal. Over the last eight years spent eating gluten-free pizzas, nothing has come close to hitting the mark of a real pizza—any pizza—as Patricia’s.

It is crucial to understand the following sentence: You must cook this pizza on a solid sheet. Turn a plate upside down if you have nothing else. If you cook it directly on the oven rack you will have the worst monstrosity, massicured all over your oven. The thing will melt completely through. Completely. This is what happend to me the first time. Fortunately, some pizza drippings remained clinging to the metal rack. When I slurped the dangling tangles (hey, it’s pizza!), it was clear Patricia had promise. I bought another pie and this time read and followed the cooking instructions.

MAKER: Patricia’s Pizza & More (phone 1.203.606.5053)

TASTE: Doughy. Light on the tomato sauce. Sweat yeast. Greasy thin cheese, in a good way. Cheese covers the entire pizza.

TEXTURE: Chewy, gooey, fun like Hong Kong Phooey.

SIZE: 7″, 10″, 14″. Have only encountered the 10″. The Cookie Federation would be super interested in coming across the 14″ which would be even more pizza jointy.

SWEETS & FATS: Average sweetness. Fats unknown.

PRICE: For the size, the most expensive out there. I paid $11 for the 10″.

NOTES: Never eat the whole pizza with beans or Mexican food or you may be spending lots of time in the bathroom the next day. The pizza crust is made from, as the label says, “nutritious bean flours!”