The Last Time We Spoke

Hee-haw !

We’re back from outerspace, what’s that I see, that look upon your face?

You what? You thought we had given up? Had abandened this mortal coil whoist not so kind to the ubiqitous gluten protein !!!

Ahh, yes that is true… The last time we spoke it was of death and holidays. My poor dears, we did not intend to alarm nor induce fear….

Oh yes… Of course we will redouble our effort to dispatch more frequent posts.

Yes Sir. Sorry Sir…. I mean Ma’am. I mean Supreme Feeder. We will report. We will report….

Ahh, no Ma’am. We do not necessarily need a Federal holiday to find the time to post (but it sure does HELP). Oh the things we’ve seen….and eatin’.


Pad Thai Life

Pad Thai is the most delicious “anytime” food. I can, will and do it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you have never had it it is like you have never been awake for the sunrise, or something. Traditionally served in the West you can count on it containing rice noodle, egg, peanuts and a melody of other ingredients sounding often like scallion/onion, chili paste, oil and perhaps┬átofu. Chicken and shrimp are common ingredients but vegetarian is also great. It is best with fresh springy bean sprouts not of the green kind.

There is at least one frozen GF Pad Thai on the market made by Tandoor Chef. The box looks similar to the right but it actually is marked as gluten-free and I agree after having consumed manyMany boxes over the years.

Of course Pad Thai is best made fresh. Good luck on making it as I believe their is a secret potion/incantation or club you have to belong to to make it well…

You’ll find it at any Thai restaurant and I can’t recall once having ordered Pad Thai and found it disagreeable as far as being GF. Your mileage will vary. I find that fresh lime really heightens the dish…

Oh ya. If you are going to a Thai restaurant ask for mango and sticky rice for dessert. Oh my. If they know what you are talking about and the mango is in season and they know how to make it with coconut milk…. Wow. What a great dessert/meal…

GF Fried Clams at Woodman’s

Well over a week ago I reported that I was off to Woodman’s in Essex MA to get some GlutenFree Fried Clams. Well, I did and it was down-right proper and little bit surreal. No wait, it was very surreal because this is a place with lines out the door. Huge volume tourist destination (birthplace of the fried clam, gift shop and everything) that makes GF food, fried. Separate fry station, I am told.

At this point I should explain my restaurant reviewing procedure. It goes like this:

  1. Go to place that serves the GF
  2. Eat the stuff
  3. Try and snap a few pictures without it getting in the way of the eatin’
  4. Pay close attention to the eating experience
  5. Pay close attention to the digestion experience
  6. Wait a few days to make certain, that I at least feel like I did not get exposed to any noticeable Gluten whilst eatin’
  7. Publish scientific peer reviewed article
  8. Await Nobel for GF exploration

So, as I was saying, surreal experience because the place seems like it is a high-volume restaurant spot and it is but they were able to take my GF order as if it was normal for them, and it must be if the staff is so knowledgeable about the GF.

The plate of clams that was delivered to me in its own cardboard box (all the better to segregate the GF and catch the overflow of food) looked like the real thing and it certainly tasted like I remember fried clams tasting the last time I ate them which had to have been over twelve long years ago. But these fried clams were actually quite deceptive to my eyes. They tasted truly great. They felt exceptionally light and greaseless but man-o-man did they do wonderful stuff to my tummy like no other food has in a very long time. I think it was that totally full with fried food satiation that only fried seafood can….unload upon the second brain that I am trying to explain here. Powerful good. If you focus on my eyes in the photo you will see a certain concentrated gastronomic wonder and fear, there. Like, what did I just eat and will I be very ill soon?

Here is the cautionary portion of this clamtale. Perhaps you should wait and maybe even forgo the wonderful ice cream that they have attached to the Woodman’s gift store. It is very good maybe even GF (I’m not gettin’ into GF ice cream physics at this point) but it is also super rich ice cream. The combination of the fried plate of food and the true buttermilk fat ice cream put me over the top and made me fill so beyond full that I was concerned that I would need to go to the hospital or vomitorium by the time I got home a couple of hours later. Happy but full beyond description and advice.

I’m going back to Woodman’s soon. Very soon. Exit, brain-right.