GFCF *TopPriority*

Icecream Cookie Sandwiches that taste and keep their texture better than any GB (gluten besotted) icecream sang•whitch ….

Unrelentingly fascinating packaging which after you have finished transfering the contents of said package to your stomach and perhaps a lucky comrad (or even a Normal, as these are dramatically tastey treats than everyone will enjoy) you can use to transport messages to your banks’ pneumatic tube messaging system for withdrawal of the five or six dollars per 4 ‘wich container of said truly delicious frozen confections.

You could also find your stovepipe hat and/or lace up your corset and pop down to the tube and go straight away to Whole Foods to find a fulsome crate of these wonderments.


Open Wide, Open Sesame and that Secret Taste Sensation

Years ago I found that one of the tastes and mouth feels I was missing on the GF path concerned a certain seed and that Umami sensation.

That umami/savory taste that one frequently encounters in the gluten world is not so much in the GF world; the sesame seed and seaweed have a clear synergy for me bringing back that missing roundness. Related to the savory sensation more commonly achieved with fish flakes, fish sauce etc. the sesame triggers so many gluten loving memories that I am imagining that those on the GF path are looking for a taste sensation/combination that this trio provide. Oh, yah, it turns out salt helps activate the seaweed….Anyway, I sprinkle some of this stuff on salads, sandwiches, pizza, whatever – ice cream too! It really rounds things out and it seems that Eden is expanding their offering in this arena which is good news indeedily.

Western Research into Chinese Medicine and Food Reactions

I happened to catch Terri Gross interview with Dr. Hugh Sampson who serves as director of the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute. Pretty standard info about allergy and celiac disease but towards the middle of the interview the good Dr. talks about studies that he is involved with that are taking a hard look at why certain Chinese medicine practices actually block the problematic immune system freak outs…. Interesting.

Amy’s Baked Ziti Bowls

PhotoIf something looks, smells, and tastes delicious, it is delicious. These bowls are a super fast way to get some carbs stickin’ to your ribs. Pop one of these frozen beauties into the microwave, cook for 5 minutes, and your whole kitchen will be smellin’ like you’ve got yourself an in-house chef.

MAKER: Amy’s

TASTE: Great tasting. Good tomato tang. Garlicky. Surprisingly, peas in a tomato sauce is beguilingly flavorful. I especially enjoy it when one of the peas lodges itself in the end of a ziti pasta.

TEXTURE: Pasta holds up well. It’s firm but not al dente. Fun combination of pasta tubes, saucey sauce, and round peas.

SIZE: Far too small for a meal, even though it’s 9.5 ounces. Would take three to make a solid meal (and at today’s price, $12).

SWEETS & FATS: Reasonably sweet. Fat level is okay, although if you ate three boxes of the stuff that’d be a different story.

PRICE: Pricey.

NOTES: Wonderful odor! Very organic! (But not 100% organic.)