Traveling to the Great Gluten Free Spaceship in the Sky.


Well, it has been a spell since I posted. Been on a GF coma cruise. Have you heard about the above campaign? They want us to talk about this important stuff at Thanksgiving: “Hey pass the Gluten Free stuffing and have you considered where you want to die?”

I love the idea. What better time could there be to talk about stuff that most people don’t want to talk about than on a day that is absolutely a powderkeg of potential familial smolderings with cranberry on top, is it Gluten Free?

For the Gluten Free Riders this campaign would make more sense around Halloween. Dont’ ya think? Like, good old Samhain is all about talkin’ with the departed and such whilst powered by a sugar high. Muuuch better death-talkin’ climate, I’m just sayin’….but don’t let me stop you from tryin’ to broach this subject whilst you are re-explaining why you won’t be eating the pumpkin pie nor the haggis.

Here is a place where you can get your bits in order before you slip into that tryptophan stupor.