Jimmy My Ice Cream

That’s what they call sprinkles or chocolatey topping bits around the Boston area and other parts of New England: Jimmies.

You can’t count on all Jimmies being GF, I have come across ones that use wheat as an ingredient.

Though I have heard more than a few people say the Jimmies are made of wax, I have never seen one that actually contained wax…

These ones are made in Germany. I paid something crazy like $2.10 at a local supermarket’s “health” aisle for an ounce. Thats about enough for a couple of dishes of ice cream, where I come from…

Their consistency is a bit “crunchier” than your average jimmy, found at your average ice cream parlor. They have more of a cocoa taste than other jimmies. And as far as size goes these jimmies are quite thin but a few millimeters up from a dimension that I would regard as hairy (and yes I have had hairy jimmies (they don’t tickle a bit) and they are quite appealing as they melt as opposed to crunch or squish as do some of the too big jimmies).

I want Ice Cream, now.


Pad Thai Life

Pad Thai is the most delicious “anytime” food. I can, will and do it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you have never had it it is like you have never been awake for the sunrise, or something. Traditionally served in the West you can count on it containing rice noodle, egg, peanuts and a melody of other ingredients sounding often like scallion/onion, chili paste, oil and perhaps tofu. Chicken and shrimp are common ingredients but vegetarian is also great. It is best with fresh springy bean sprouts not of the green kind.

There is at least one frozen GF Pad Thai on the market made by Tandoor Chef. The box looks similar to the right but it actually is marked as gluten-free and I agree after having consumed manyMany boxes over the years.

Of course Pad Thai is best made fresh. Good luck on making it as I believe their is a secret potion/incantation or club you have to belong to to make it well…

You’ll find it at any Thai restaurant and I can’t recall once having ordered Pad Thai and found it disagreeable as far as being GF. Your mileage will vary. I find that fresh lime really heightens the dish…

Oh ya. If you are going to a Thai restaurant ask for mango and sticky rice for dessert. Oh my. If they know what you are talking about and the mango is in season and they know how to make it with coconut milk…. Wow. What a great dessert/meal…

Patricia’s Gluten Free & Wheat Free Pizza

There was considerable discussion concerning the proper name for the Gluten-Free Cookie Federation. We almost had a Gluten-Free Pizza Federation, and even a Gluten-Free Donut Federation, but the universal appeal of cookies won out.

So, we now turn to one of the runners up: pizza. And our first entry is perhaps the most “real” gluten-free frozen pizza encountered to-date. What makes Patricia’s 10″ so real is that it has the doughy, greasy appeal of your better thin wheat crust Italian pizza. This is a big deal. Over the last eight years spent eating gluten-free pizzas, nothing has come close to hitting the mark of a real pizza—any pizza—as Patricia’s.

It is crucial to understand the following sentence: You must cook this pizza on a solid sheet. Turn a plate upside down if you have nothing else. If you cook it directly on the oven rack you will have the worst monstrosity, massicured all over your oven. The thing will melt completely through. Completely. This is what happend to me the first time. Fortunately, some pizza drippings remained clinging to the metal rack. When I slurped the dangling tangles (hey, it’s pizza!), it was clear Patricia had promise. I bought another pie and this time read and followed the cooking instructions.

MAKER: Patricia’s Pizza & More (phone 1.203.606.5053)

TASTE: Doughy. Light on the tomato sauce. Sweat yeast. Greasy thin cheese, in a good way. Cheese covers the entire pizza.

TEXTURE: Chewy, gooey, fun like Hong Kong Phooey.

SIZE: 7″, 10″, 14″. Have only encountered the 10″. The Cookie Federation would be super interested in coming across the 14″ which would be even more pizza jointy.

SWEETS & FATS: Average sweetness. Fats unknown.

PRICE: For the size, the most expensive out there. I paid $11 for the 10″.

NOTES: Never eat the whole pizza with beans or Mexican food or you may be spending lots of time in the bathroom the next day. The pizza crust is made from, as the label says, “nutritious bean flours!”