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Jimmy My Ice Cream

That’s what they call sprinkles or chocolatey topping bits around the Boston area and other parts of New England: Jimmies.

You can’t count on all Jimmies being GF, I have come across ones that use wheat as an ingredient.

Though I have heard more than a few people say the Jimmies are made of wax, I have never seen one that actually contained wax…

These ones are made in Germany. I paid something crazy like $2.10 at a local supermarket’s “health” aisle for an ounce. Thats about enough for a couple of dishes of ice cream, where I come from…

Their consistency is a bit “crunchier” than your average jimmy, found at your average ice cream parlor. They have more of a cocoa taste than other jimmies. And as far as size goes these jimmies are quite thin but a few millimeters up from a dimension that I would regard as hairy (and yes I have had hairy jimmies (they don’t tickle a bit) and they are quite appealing as they melt as opposed to crunch or squish as do some of the too big jimmies).

I want Ice Cream, now.


Pad Thai Life

Pad Thai is the most delicious “anytime” food. I can, will and do it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you have never had it it is like you have never been awake for the sunrise, or something. Traditionally served in the West you can count on it containing rice noodle, egg, peanuts and a melody of other ingredients sounding often like scallion/onion, chili paste, oil and perhaps tofu. Chicken and shrimp are common ingredients but vegetarian is also great. It is best with fresh springy bean sprouts not of the green kind.

There is at least one frozen GF Pad Thai on the market made by Tandoor Chef. The box looks similar to the right but it actually is marked as gluten-free and I agree after having consumed manyMany boxes over the years.

Of course Pad Thai is best made fresh. Good luck on making it as I believe their is a secret potion/incantation or club you have to belong to to make it well…

You’ll find it at any Thai restaurant and I can’t recall once having ordered Pad Thai and found it disagreeable as far as being GF. Your mileage will vary. I find that fresh lime really heightens the dish…

Oh ya. If you are going to a Thai restaurant ask for mango and sticky rice for dessert. Oh my. If they know what you are talking about and the mango is in season and they know how to make it with coconut milk…. Wow. What a great dessert/meal…

Trader Joe’s Has GF Cargo

A couple of days ago I posted about Trader’s GF pancakes but maybe you are not familiar with Trader Joe’s? There are a number of locations in my neck of the woods. You may have to take a drive to one near you but it would be worth it if you are looking for lots of GF frozen and other foods. We regularly by lots of their stuff and toss it in the Federation deep freeze…

Here is their map of locations and such.

And here be their extensive list of No Gluten Product.


Peas on a Pizza?

Have you ever? Sweet peas, green orbs of fiber actually go fantastic on pizza! This only occurred to me after having ziti with peas.

You may want to cook the peas before putting on the mostly cooked pizza.

They sink in to the melted cheese and become one with the pizza real-nice-like if you can cook the pie a few minutes more, after “depositing” the peas…


Cookies and Beer

Ok, how about pretzels and beer? Gluten free of course. Well, I have tried many of the GF beers! Weird to say “many” in this context. It is actually only a few but it seems like many choices, actually it is many choices, compared to ten years ago when I could not find any gluten free beer and I had not discovered any pretzels…

So, my favorite beer by virtue of availability in the Northeast of the US and price, but mostly taste, would have to be Redbridge beer.

The down side with all of the gluten free beers that I have sampled is not the taste, because there are more than a couple of lovely ones, it is the calorie/filling reality. Redbridge for example, tastes and feels the lightest of the ones I have drunk but it still turns out to be a 160 calorie per bottle according to the Budweiser customer support line.

Back when I drank “normal” beer, I never liked any Bud product. I tended toward the Guinness and Harp but those beers did not fill me up like the sorghum based beers.

Now, there is an amazing tasting and amazingly expensive beer from Europe that is probably the most drinkable GF beer. The company is called Green’s. They seem to have quite a few different brews; of the few I have tasted I was very impressed with their “dubble” dark endeavor but around the northeast one bottle runs over $5 !


Western Research into Chinese Medicine and Food Reactions

I happened to catch Terri Gross interview with Dr. Hugh Sampson who serves as director of the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute. Pretty standard info about allergy and celiac disease but towards the middle of the interview the good Dr. talks about studies that he is involved with that are taking a hard look at why certain Chinese medicine practices actually block the problematic immune system freak outs…. Interesting.


Well Hello, Again…

Yes the Federation has been on a bit of  research expedition so we have not been posting. We made a start last year, see below, but we are determined to get back on the Federation Blogship. Fasten your stomachs and stay free…